100th Day of School!

Image result for 100th day of school dress up ideas       Image result for 100th day of school dress up ideas                 The 100th Day is Here!!!

Dear 111 families,

Tuesday is the 100th day of school! We are going to celebrate our hard work and being 100 days smarter in room 111! Throughout the day I have incorporated 100th day activities to fit into our daily schedule. I found these adorable images on Google this morning to help describe how your child can dress on Tuesday! Hopefully, you can look around the house and find some clothes you already have and just make the hair funny! I think I am going to go to the store and buy myself some gray hair spray and make wrinkles on my face with black eyeliner! Should be interesting, I hope I don’t scare the students! We will be writing about what we will look like and live like at 100 years old during writer’s workshop, read poems and stories with the 100s theme, count, sort and build with the number 100 in math, and enjoy a trail mix treat with 100 items in it!

We could really use your help with TWO things:

#1) to make our trail mix. If you would like to send in an item here is what we need! Please hit reply below and let Mrs. Ross know before Monday at 3:00pm what you would like to send it. Then, I can go to the store Monday night to buy the rest. Thank you so much for your donations in advance! Remember we have 22 students so buy enough of the item that students will have 10 pieces each!

*m&ms- Mohamed Ali’s family will donate

*mini pretzels

*chex cereal

*raisins – Yara’s family will donate

*chocolate chips-Hadi Hajj’s Family will donate

*goldfish- Bashir Biaz’s family will donate

*teddy grams

*popcorn (easy and already popped in chip aisle at Kroger or any grocery store!)


*cheerios- Hadi Najda’s family will donate

*22 juice boxes – Mohamad Albazzal’s family will donate

#2) What Does 100 Look Like!?!: PLEASE send in 100 small things in a ziplock baggie (large or small) with your child’s name on it! I would lOVE to staple these to the board and give the kids an idea of what 100 of different items looks like. We can use them in the week to count as well! For example, 100 paperclips, 100 crayons, 100 pencils, 100 cotton balls, 100 tiny food item snacks, etc. have fun with it and THANK YOU in advance for all the help!


Here is what else is cooking in kindergarten this week: whew! I’m already exhausted lol!

Word Family: -en (men, hen, pen, ten, Ben, den) Let’s go for all 6 words this week as the hot words!

Reading: Narrative texts, comprehension, decoding strategies

Writing: Narrative writing

Math: Addition (practice addition facts and hands on from 0-10)

Science: Living Things cont. with our lima bean observations!

Social Studies: Where am I? cont. me on the map!


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    • Oops! Mrs. Biaz has already asked to bring in the goldfish. She sent an email because her phone is not working with this blog lately. I’m SO sorry!!! Thank you SO much in advance for the help. Any chance you have mini pretzels or teddy grams? I’ll be going to the store tonight to pick up the remainder of things but NO worries or pressure 🙂

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