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Thank you so much to all the families for helping us supply and throw the most amazing Valentine’s Day party Mrs. Ross’s class has ever had. The students were so adorable and I am so proud of them as usual. Thank you to ALL the mothers that came today to help make our party amazing: Mrs. Biaz, Mrs. Albazzal, Mrs. Moustafa, Mrs. Hajazi, Mrs. Alkharashani, Mrs. Majda, Mrs. Bouzeid and Mrs. Arafat! We are SO lucky to have such a fantastic classroom of moms. Whew! I am so exhausted from watching you all do all the work! I hope all the children had fun and you all enjoyed your poems. we LOVE you all and have a happy Valentine’s Day and wonderful winter break! See you on Tuesday.

PS. In all the excitement, Yara reminded me that we forgot to do our spelling test! No worries, we can review and take the test on Tuesday for the -un family.



Mrs. Ross

6 thoughts on “THANK YOU!!!

  1. Thank you Mrs. Ross for all your activities. yara really like it.
    yara never forget anything:)). During her break, she is reviewing pink booklet, un family, reading, practicing math etc………

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