Week of 2-7-2016

Happy Valentine’s Week room 111! We have such a short week this week, but it will be packed with fun! Here is what you need to know:

Word Family: -un word family (test on Thursday)

hot words: sun, bun, run, pun, nun, fun (let’s go for all of them!)


Monday: gym. Homework packet will be collected and a new one sent home for the week and extended weekend. It will be due after break).

Tuesday: Art and Music (Mrs. Ross will be at a district Language Arts meeting all day)

Wednesday: Late Start (9:00am) We have computers

Thursday: Music

Friday: Mid-Winter break from the 12th to the 15th


On Thursday at around 1:00pm we will be having a Valentine’s Day party! I will be sending a separate blog post about the party. If you would like to come to help set up or stay and run activities during the party we’d love you to come! Please reply to the party post. Have a wonderful week and break. I am here if anyone needs anything, or wants to talk regarding their child’s progress on the report cards.

Mrs. Ross 🙂

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