Valentine’s Day Party

Dear Families,

This Thursday our classroom will be having a Valentine’s Day party! Your child is welcome to bring a special Valentine to pass to each of our friends at school. There are 22 students in the class. I will send home a class list if your child wished to write their friends names on each one. A small treat such as a sucker etc. is ok to give each child with the cards.

If your child would love to donate the following supplies we’d be very grateful! Your child can bring them on or before Thursday. Please hit reply on the bottom of this post and let me know what you would like to donate if you can. Please send it to school with your child before Thursday if possible. In addition, if you would like to come to the party please sign in at the office and we will see you at 1:00pm. Thank you in advance for all your support!


Supplies Needed:

six round valentines themed table cloths-Yara’s family

4 large pizzas from pizza place ($5.00 each if you say they are for a McCollough Unis Teacher)- Hadi Najda’s family

22 small individual m&m packs: Zayn Moustafa’s family

2 bags of conversation hearts (small hearts)- Zayd Arafat’s family

vanilla icing (2 containers)-Bashir’s family

Valentines heart sprinkles-Bashir’s family

red sprinkles-Adam Beydoun’s family

white sprikles

pink sprinkles

Valentines plates- Zayd Arafat’s family

Valentine’s Themed napkins-Mohamed Albazzal’s family

knives-Mohamed Albazzal’s family

Spoons-Lauren’s Family

fruit salad-Julia’s Family 

small bowls- Yara’s family

22 juice boxes- Mohamed Ali’s family

pretzels- Mohamed Ali’s family



14 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Party

  1. Good morning Mrs. Ross,
    Happy valentine’s day to you and your family as well. I will donate a six round valentines themed table cloths and small bowls. Of course yara will be happy about that.

    Mahassin Harp ( yara’s mother)

  2. Hi mrs Ross. The paper you sent home today has m and m invidual packs. But I don’t see it on this list. I would like to bring that in if its still an option. Thankx

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