Hip Hip Hooray! We had the most WONDERFUL 100th Day!

Dear Families,

I am so happy to share our wonderful day with you all tonight! We had an AMAZING 100th Day today and we want to thank all of you for your support and help making it so fun! We enjoyed making 100 Day necklaces with 100 fruit loops on them, sharing our 100 Day Collection posters and so many cool 100 day themed stations! Who knew that 100 year old people could exercise so well! The girls and boys looked adorable and we had a blast dressing up. Enjoy the pictures, and THANK YOU once again to all the parents for your donations and hard work on the adorable 100s day collection posters. Thank you to Cameran’s, Paisley’s, Johnny’s, Kaydin’s, Morgen’s, and Reece’s moms for working so hard in all our stations to make it so fun and run so smoothly!

Our little old people 🙂 May they stay this young at heart forever and never wrinkle…

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