Week of 2-19-2019

Dear Families,

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day and Mid-Winter Break! I spent the weekend filled with soccer and a trip to Greenfield Village Museum trying to get a pictures of my ever moving daughter and her friend 🙂 We were lucky enough to run into Johnny and his family at the museum today also 🙂 Tomorrow I can’t wait to hear all the fun everyone had. We are going to have a short but busy week. Here is everything you need to know. If there are any modifications or new info I’ll update you as soon as possible. I will send any updates of school information as they come. Have a wonderful week!

Mrs. Ross 🙂

School Resumes Tomorrow 2-19-2019 

100th Day:  Thank you again for the amazing 100th Day celebration we had last week! I am still smiling about it 🙂

Field Trip: YAY! Our field trip is this Friday woohoo zoo here we come! PLEASE make sure to send your little penguin to school dressed very warmly and wearing snow boots for the day! After the educational building grant is finished we will have free time to walk around to zoo in and out of other buildings so we need to be prepared! Remember lunch will be provided for all students and chaperones going on the bus so no need to pack food or money for children yay!  A separate note with information and reminder will go home in folders this week 🙂

Homework: This week your child will receive a math game to put in their math binder and the next 5 lessons in math.

*Popcorn: popcorn will resume this Friday for our school. We will be back in time to pick up our popcorn so have your child send in those quarters Friday morning! 

*Library check out: This week we have check out. Please help your child place their books in their backpacks Monday night!

*Reading Packs: Make sure your child is spending about 10-15 minutes reading at night on Raz-Kids and the books, letters/words you find in the reading packs. This will help your child SO much reviewing their personal bags each night! All bags have been switched so make sure you child is practicing books they receive this week.

LA Books: Informational books and books about kindness this month.

Spelling: Test will be Tuesday afternoon because of the short week last week we didn’t get to it in time! No worries though, we will practice it first beforehand. 🙂

-et family (*bet, *jet, *let, set, *wet, net, let, get, met, pet, set) sight words: put, on

*List week of 2-18-2019:  -ig word family (*dig, *wig, *big, *pig, fig, rig, big)                   *sight words: make, by

-words with a * are definitely on the test, I will add two cold words to make a total of 6 words on the spelling test on Fridays. In addition there will be the two “sight words of the week” to make sure we keep learning the sight words on the Dolch List!

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