Week of 11-27-2017


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I have a lot to be thankful for. I am healthy, happy and I am loved.”

Reba McEntire 

Dear Families of room 106,

I hope this message finds you well and rested after this week! I hope you all had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving with your loved ones. Mine started a little rocky on Tuesday afternoon as Antonia came down with a fever and croup 🙁 However, she bounced right back by the next morning and is doing just great! She even was able to make it to Thanksgiving dinner at her aunt Lizzie’s house 🙂 I am SO thankful for the health of my children among so many other blessings like the children I am able to teach and learn with each day. THANK YOU all so very much for being the amazing parents and partners with me this year! I can NOT believe that it will be December this week! I am so proud of all we have accomplished together this year, however the year needs to SLOW DOWN hee hee! I selfishly do not want it to come to an end 🙂

Here is what you can expect this week and if there are any additions or changes I’ll be sure to write again! Have a wonderful week!


Mrs. Ross 🙂

*Thank you very much to all who have donated cans to the school! Although we are not ahead of the pack, I am truly proud of how many cans our families have donated and thank you!


Important Dates: Looking Ahead

Late Start: December 20th

Winter Break: No school week of 12-25-17 and week of 1-1-18

School resumes:  1-8-2018!


*Spelling 1st: -sh words (wish, dish, push, fish, brush, fresh, smash, wash, his, him)

sight words K/1st: his, him

*Math KDG: Unit 6 Begin (Teen Numbers/Base Ten Focus)

*Math First: Students will take the pre-test for Unit 3 Monday and begin the unit on telling time to the hour and half hour/Base Ten Numbers 

*Whenever you can, have your child talk about and discuss what time it is to the hour and half hour and also on the digital clock!

*Science: Push and Pull Cont. Mystery Science Lessons this week 

-Mystery 4: (Strength and Direction of Force)  “How Can you knock down the most bowling pins?”

-Mystery 5 (Forces and Engineering) “How can we prevent a mountain town from falling rocks?”


*Social Studies– Needs and Wants Begin This week 🙂 If every child can find pictures from magazines, websites, etc. of needs and wants we would really appreciate them by Friday! Let’s say 5/10 pics of needs and wants each. 

*Writer’s Workshop-

-Monday Lesson 4: Making Words

-Tuesday Lesson 5: Mistakes

-Wednesday Lesson 6: Stretching Sounds

-Thursday Lesson 7: Stretching More Sounds

-Friday Lesson 8: Writing Tools- Sight Words


*Language Arts Week :  

-Trade Books:


*Mini Lessons: Review Week

-Which in a series rhyme? -Clapping Syllables -short and long i rhymes -isolate and produce final sounds -substitute final sounds -long and short sounds for all vowels



First: Week 10:-kdg: introduce sight words ( as, has)


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