Homework week of 10-9-2017

Hello parents and families of 106!

This week we will be doing a fun math assignment for homework! You have until Monday to turn it in, however you may feel free to turn it in early!

We will be making a “number sense” quilt! Your child will be responsible for only 1 square of the quilt! So, if they have the number 5 they will place the number 5 somewhere in the upper left corner and then glue FIVE pictures of anything they want to on the number 5 page! We have 24 students in the class, so when we are all done we will have 24 squares with different amounts on each square. Good luck and have fun! Your child may draw or find pictures in a magazine or download pictures from the internet. In addition, your child may want to use stickers! Make it as cool as your want but very clear in the background so that we can tell what the objects are. THANK YOU in advance for your support as always, and you can look for the piece of card stock to come home today.


Mrs. Ross and Class

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