Week of 10-9-2017

Hello room 106 families!

I hope this message finds you well! I hope your kiddos enjoyed a relaxing three day weekend they deserve it 🙂 I have spent most of this weekend celebrating my 10 year anniversary, attending Benjamin’s soccer tournament and his last kid-pitch baseball game! WOW I need a weekend to recover from my weekend 🙂 I am excited to begin a new week with your darlings, and here is what you can expect!

*Important info

Monday 10/9-Red Wings assembly (students can wear red wings jerseys and t-shirts or red and white to show support to the Detroit Red Wings!

Friday– ½ day for students 

Monday: LAST DAY to hand in or online order book orders! Mrs. Ross will place the order by 8:00pm Monday 🙂 


*Math: Students will begin Unit 2 which is about comparing numbers, alike and different, sorting and grouping based on attributes of numbers


*Science: 5 Senses Unit Continue…this week we will continue finishing up the unit on the 5 senses! 


*Writer’s Workshop- THis week we will continue working on our goal of “labeling” parts of our very detailed pictures! We will use our new tool that was introduced last week called the “pencil”! We will also work on showing and “retelling” our stories! This is a HUGE skill that should be worked on whever reading or writign stories! This is something you could help your child do at home each night as you read for pleasure. Ask your child to “retell” the story aloud. This helps with comprehension.

*Please make sure to check your child’s “grip” at all times as they are writing at home. Your child should be gripping with three fingers in a tripod grip and not with a whole hand, or any form of a grasped hand. 



*Language Arts Week 5 Transportation is our theme! We will be talking about what vehicles we use to transport us from here to there, how we get to school and home, what the different vehicles are used for and comparing our narrative story to the informational one! We will also continue to work on the CCSS: environmental sounds, beginning and ending sounds, words in a sentence, hearing rhymes. 

-Trade Books: “Transportation in my Neighborhood” by Shelly Lyons and “Planes, Trucks, Trains”



*Spelling– First grade spelling assessment will be this Friday 

First: Week 5: -ed and -en families (sled, bed, red, fed, ten, then, men, hen) *can, see

-kdg: introduce: can, see 



Have a wonderful week! If there is anything I forgot I’ll be sure to update it as soon as possible.


Mrs. Ross 🙂








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