Week of 10-16-2017

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  • Greetings room 106 Families, I hope this message finds you well rested and DRY! It has been such a wet and windy weekend. My family had a block party in the rain Saturday 🙁 Funny thing is that the children had a BLAST and didn’t care at all about the rain lol! I am hoping for better weather this week so that our darlings can enjoy some down time and free time OUTSIDE on the playground! As we head into week 6 here is what you need to know so get your pencils  and paper and mark your calendars!   
  • Important Info:
    • We will be going on a FIELD TRIP on November 6th to the Ann Arbor Hands On Museum! Yay!!! Look for the permission slip to come home Monday afternoon and please have them filled out completely and sent back to Mrs. Ross by Friday , 10-20-2017 at the latest.  Chaperones: we have room for 6 chaperones to ride the bus and those names will be drawn on Friday the 20th. I’ll try to videotape my son Benjamin pulling the names out of a “hat” and post the video online on the blog Friday night. Ben is SO proud and excited to play such an important role in our field trip 🙂 Remember to have ichat forms completed in the office ASAP! We are not allowed parent volunteers by law who do not have these completed! It’s great to do them now, they are good for several years! Thank you in advance for all your help, understanding, and timeliness as we organize our trip.
    • Our BOOK ORDER IS IN!!! Your child will be bringing home new books Monday afternoon! Thank you for helping your child build up a personal library at home they are going to be thrilled!
    • Wednesday October 18th, 2017 we have our first LATE START!  All students will arrive one hour later to school while teachers have a staff meeting. I will see all my darlings at 9:35 am on Wednesday! I hope you get to sleep in 🙂
    • *Math KDG: In KDG this week we will continue Unit 2 and compare numbers and groups of objects by attributes. Firsties will continue studying tally marks, addition and subtraction facts, story problems and base ten numbers. First grade parents PLEASE have your children use the site Xtra math to practice math facts. This week I will be assessing first grade students on the CCSS: tally marks, addition fluency to 10, numbers before and after any given number to 100, and base ten. I will send home some study guides to help 🙂
    • Science: 5 Senses Unit Finish this week…
    • This week we will finish our Unit on the 5 Senses and then be moving on to “Force and Motion” next week! We will study pushes and pulls and prepare to use our knowledge on the field trip to the Hands on Museum!
    • Social Studies-This week we will talk about sharing and taking turns and complete a friendship craft (we will be making our own “rainbow fish” and have already started writing about how we can be “good friends”
    • *Writer’s Workshop- This week we will continue writing through illustrations. However, in Social studies we are writing to answer the prompt, “I Can Be A Good Friend”…….
    • Language Arts-This week we will enjoy comparing the  similarities and differences between the two narrative trade books “Where’s My Mummy?” Carolyn Crimi and “Are You My Mother?” P.D. Eastman
      • in addition, students will be introduced to the “short o and i, we will work on identifying beginning consonant sounds and rhymes (ex. /c/ and then /ot/)
      • POEM: Mummy! We will continue to hear and identify rhymes this week, and now we will identify which “two” words in a series of three rhyme (ex. hat, book, bat)
    • Spelling-
      • First Graders: Week 5: -ar word family controlled “r” (far, jar, are, art, start, bark, yard, arm, farm, card)
      • -KDG: Please continue to work on individual spelling words from the green card and unknown letters in the alphabet!

I hope you all have a wonderful week! I will be sure to add and update any and all information as the week progresses if there are any changes to this information! See you all Monday morning!


Mrs. Ross 🙂

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