Week of 10-19-2015

Hello Families of 111,

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! As October rolls along here is what you can expect this week in kindergarten.

Homework packets are being collected Monday morning and you will receive the new one. Remember 100% of the packets need to be completed to remain on green! So far we are off to a great start. Please continue to review your child’s behavior sheet every night and SIGN THEM! We are nearing the end of the month already and the kindergarten teachers have planned an AWESOME reward day. I want to see all my students faces there!

Letter Study: N,n

Word Study: the (students will be tested on Friday to see if they know this word. Your child will ONLY be tested if they are already able to write their name! Until they master their first name that will be their spelling word)

Number Study: 6 and all combinations of six

Counting: all objects to the number 5 (10 if you child can do this!) counting to 100 by 1s and 10s and writing all numbers from 0-5 (0-10 if your child can do this as well!)

This week I will begin strategy groups in Daily 5, so look for small “reading bags” to start coming home this week! In the bags your child will receive an alphabet chart. PLEASE practice this every night! You can point to each letter square with your child and say, ex. “A ahh alligator, B buhh bear” etc. Then, I will include flash cards for the letters that your child needs to master still. DAILY practice with these cards about 10 minutes will make the world of a difference.

I also want your child to read EVERY night with you for 10 minutes right now. Remember there are three ways to read a book and reading the pictures is one of them! This week I will be opening up Razkids for my classroom and they are going to love it! Look in their homework folders for directions and a note from the website. It is really easy to use and your child will greatly benefit from working on this site daily.

If any parents are willing to volunteer for math workshop or science this week we’d LOVE to have you. This week we will be opening up small pie pumpkins, adding soil and watering them. We are going to make predictions and observe them grow! Math is every day at 1:00pm and science is around 2:00pm after math workshop.

*After a small issue with scholastic our order has been placed and will arrive soon! I apologize for the delay and am excited to receive the books I ordered for the class as well 🙂

*Remember we have gym on Monday and Friday so wear the proper gym attire and shoes.


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