Dbn Soccer Club FC Flyer!

Dear Families,

The following is a flyer that is usually distributed to students in their homework folders each spring. Assistant coach Kind (who used to be my son’s coach for three years!) asked if I would post this on my blog and share it with our school community. This is just information for you all, but I hope that some of your little darlings find a home with the Dbn Jags one day if they love soccer. I can’t say enough wonderful things about the organization and what it’s done for Ben and our family.

-Mrs. Ross 🙂

*Flyer From Dearborn Soccer Club*

Why Dearborn Jaguars FC & Dearborn Soccer Club? “Soccer For Everyone”

Programs for players ages 4-19 & all skills levels!

-Directors of Coaching
-Director of Goalkeeping
-40 Select Teams
-55 Recreational Teams
-17 Dearborn Jaguars Staff Coaches
-53 DSC Staff Coaches
-Over 400 Dearborn Jaguars Select Players
-Over 900 DSC Recreational Players
-Over 100 Dearborn Junior Jaguars Players
-Local Facilities that include Dearborn Public Schools, Crowley Park (The Largest Soccer Complex in Dearborn) and 5 Local Indoor Soccer Facilities

Reach out to one of our Directors or visit our website today to learn more about us!


Mo Hijazi
Dearborn Jaguars Boys Director of Coaching

Trevor King
Dearborn Jaguars Girls Director of Coaching

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