Week of 6-8-2020: Reminders!

Sample of a “Family Porch Photo!”

Dear KDG Families,
As sent out last week, the time has come to celebrate our learning, hard work and summer! This week there will be no new material assigned to students! I will simply be doing report cards up until tonight and still accepting any work that comes my way up until 7:00PM on June 8th (tonight)! To refresh your memory report cards are going to be done differently for this 4th report card. Here are the letters you will see this time and what they mean.
M: Meeting expectations and fulfilling all work since 4/20
P: Working on some remote learning material since 4/20
LP: Limited to no participation since week of 4/20

Thank you for everything you have done for us this year in KDG. To show my gratitude and love for the wonderful year we had together, I would like to make up for a project I usually do while in school! Every year since I began teaching 15 years ago, I have given my students a “reading license.” We have always had a little reading license ceremony and families have always come to help celebrate our hard work and huge accomplishment. Learning our letters/sounds, writing names and stories and reading books is no small feat. This is something I always look forward to and feel sad that we will not have one this year. So, I will come to you 🙂 This is a perfect opportunity for your child to dress in a special outfit, receive their license and have a special refreshment with their family afterwards to celebrate their kdg accomplishments!

Have you heard of local photographers coming to homes and taking “Porch Pictures?” I would LOVE to come to you this week and shoot a mini family photo(s) and drop off a little something from me as well as their “reading license.” No pressure! If you don’t want your pictures taken you do NOT need to sign up. I will simply just drop off your child’s license and gift on the porch during my travels this week.

I know you are all SO busy and working so please take a look at the sign up spreadsheet below and choose a date/time (just simple write your child’s name in a slot) if your child/children or whole family is available for a mini porch photo shoot! I can spend up to 30min. at each location and have left myself 10 minutes to travel to the next home. If your schedule does not fit into these dates/time frames please reach out to me via text 1(313)580-8622 or email rossm1@dearbrnschools.org and I will make different arrangements 🙂 You are all very special and I am really looking forward to it! Thank you again for all the beautiful cards, flowers and gifts you left for me last week and for how you have supported our classroom/remote classroom this year. I will love and cherish my memories with your little ones always.

If you need to request access to the document, please just request and I will be SURE to grant this. I apologize for the extra step! I have also added another date (Saturday) JIC the weather is bad on Wednesday or the weekend is abetter fit for you! Just let me know I am available on the weekend if you need it!

link to sign up:


Have a wonderful final week!
Mrs. Ross 🙂

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