Trouble Shooting Google Classroom…

Dear families. In order to access our google classroom you will need to be logged in as your child with their student ID and password through Clever. The student ID is located on your child’s report card (if you email me I can send it to you!) The ID is the student number and their password is their birthday (for example 06271979). So it would look something like this I will make up a pretend log in number…


Password: 06271979

Here is a video that one of the teachers made me to show how to log in as if you were a student trying to log into Mrs. Ross’s google classroom for the first time! I hope this helps. I have already invited everyone manually, so the students will just need to go from here! Thank you all for your help and hard work. Together we will get through this and I can upload so much more for you! Please personally email me if you need log in info so that I can keep your child’s information private.


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