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Good afternoon to my darling students and their families! I have been asked by three of our teachers that work with your students to place their iblog addresses on here for you to join if your child sees them during our regularly scheduled days. The ECS Mrs. Pelaccio will be posting resources that are great for her LLI (language and literacy instructional) groups and has personally email these families. Please check your emails and subscribe to her blog!

I hope this message finds you all well! Thank you so much for the feedback and pictures of your darlings working so hard and having fun working on their personal goals like riding their bikes without training wheels! Way to go my little penguins. I miss you so much.

Mrs. Ross 🙂

*Ms. Grammel: If your children are receiving Speech/Language services, please join the Duvall Elementary Speech/Language Remind group:

Ms. Grammel’s Speech/Language blog can be found here:

Dearborn Speech Department Website:Speech and Language Home Suggestions

Mrs. Pelaccio (ECS with our LLI Groups: Personally emailed families of LLI groups to join her blog and keep receiving resources from her!

*Mrs. Chromicz Special Education Resource Teacher:

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