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March is Reading Month!

Dear Families,

Happy March is Reading Month! I hope this message finds you all well and in a reading frenzy with your little scholars! We had SUCH a fun time on Friday kicking off reading month and our theme this year…”Reading is So Sweet!” at our kick off assembly! This month will be FILLED with fun and we are so excited for it. Last week, an “activity calendar” and “mystery reader” letter went home in your child’s homework folder. Please be sure to check it at the beginning of each week to make sure that your child is prepared and able to participate in all the fun dress up and activity days! Monday night your child (if they are the OLDEST in your household) will bring home our schoolwide book “The Chocolate Touch). We will read the first chapter together in school and the rest will be done at home with your help! Mr. Attee will announce periodic chapter questions that students will try to answer for fun and prizes all month! There are a few special events this week so they will be listed below. If you have ANY questions about reading month, don’t hesitate to email or ask me in person after school. Thank you in advance for your help making this a month to remember!

Here is everything you need to know for this week so far. If there are any modifications or new info I’ll update you as soon as possible. Have a wonderful week!

Mrs. Ross 🙂

March is Reading Month: 

Literacy Night: Join us to celebrate the spirit of literacy for our Annual Literacy Night on Thursday, March 7th 2019 from 6:00pm-7:00pm. Students may come dressed up as their favorite book character!

Friday Spirit Dress Up: This Friday your child can come to school with a shirt that has WORDS on it to receive a penguin point!

Reading Logs: Tonight, your child will be bringing home a reading log to record daily reading minutes for March. If they complete the whole thing and have it signed by a parent they will earn the reward day of school-wide pajama and movie day March 29th!

Mystery Readers“: It’s a secret though when you’ll be coming so shh… Please let me know as soon as possible if/when you’re free to read to us. Right after lunch at 11:50am and right before dismissal at 3:10pm is perfect for us! Here is what we have so far: Mrs. Hudgins: Scheduled for March 26th 11:50am 🙂

Book Fair: The Scholastic book fair run by the fabulous PTA will be from March 4th-March 8th in the library. They are even open until 4:30pm after school all week so families can either send in money for children to buy books or take them yourselves after school is over! After we visit as a class, I will only send students down in small groups with a parent if they have $5 or more each day in a marked envelope or ziplock with their name on it! (I worry that some students are trying to spend their lunch money lol!)

HomeworkThis week your child will receive two math games and a social studies assignment because we have completed all the homework assignments in Module 3. This week I will be assessing measurement skills for the 3rd marking period. We will soon be moving on to module 4.

Popcorn: Popcorn Friday is on this week so bring those quarters! 

Library check out: This week we will NOT have check out (due to the book fair in the library). Your child may enjoy their book for one more week yay!

Reading Packs: Make sure your child is spending about 10-15 minutes reading at night on Raz-Kids and the books, letters/words you find in the reading packs. This will help your child SO much reviewing their personal bags each night! All bags have been switched so make sure you child is practicing books they receive this week. All reading packs, Raz-Kids and personal books at home count toward March Reading Logs!

Spelling: Eek we had SOOO many students not feeling well this week 🙁 We will take the -op family test Monday and move onto the next word family as well.                                    -op word family (*cop, *hop, *mop, top, bop, pop,sop) *sight words: they, us

Word Family week of 3-4-2019: -un family (*bun, *fun, *sun, nun, run, spun)                      *sight words(no, want)

-words with a * are definitely on the test, I will add two cold words to make a total of 6 words on the spelling test on Fridays. In addition there will be the two “sight words of the week” to make sure we keep learning the sight words on the Dolch List!

Writing: Narrative Stories

Science: Continue Weather

Social Studies: Where Am I? This week we will focus on direction and positional words and describing where somethings is in relation to other objects and describing places in our immediate environment! We will use words like: up/down, in/out, above/below and to compare objects words like above/below, in front of/behind, on/under. Games to support this at home are “Simon Says” and “I Spy!”

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