Weeks 1-8-2018 through 1-16-2018

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Welcome back! I hope you all had a wonderful and restful winter holiday and Happy New Year! Last week we came back to school and began our winter testing. We have a lot to do! I will be assessing your child’s growth for the second report card on all their reading skills in addition to their current reading level for the report card. Reading groups have not resumed yet, so please continue to read Raz-kids in addition to reading packs this week. I am almost done, so next week I’ll begin exchanging books again. We will also be taking the NWEA for math and science the week of January 22nd! I can not wait to see the growth we have made this year so far 🙂 Last week in kindergarten, we began our spelling lessons with the -at family. In addition, we studied the idea of the “short a”. I am pleased to announce that the class did a WONDERFUL job on their test Friday and showed a great level of comprehension throughout the week. We work on segmenting, and manipulating the sounds in the word families each week and I am pleased with our progress. This week we will move on to the -an family. Thank you in advance for spending a few minutes each night reviewing these words with your child. You’re amazing! Have a wonderful week and I will update/add to this post if needed.


Mrs. Ross 🙂


Here is what you need to know for this week:

Important Dates:

*Wednesday January 17th: Late Start! 

*Pancake Dinner at DuVall Friday the 19th! 


Spelling words:

KDG -an family: can, man, ran, pan, fan, tan, ban, van

First: -ell family: tell, well, spell, fell, shell, bell, yell, smell, but, out

Math: addition, measurement

Addition focus in kdg and first and

non standard measurement in first


Writing: Inspired by MLK Day we are writing about kindness and why we are special and different

Reading: Trade book: Ron’s Big Mission by Rose Blue

Poetry: Freedom, Freedom

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