Week of 9-10-2017


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Dear Families,

Wow we made it! The first week of school just FLEW by for me and I had a BLAST! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I spent the WHOLE weekend at Ben’s soccer tournament and baseball game. I am so tired lol! I want to welcome you all again to room 106. It is going to be a fantastic year! I want to thank all the kindergarten students and families for making appointment for assessments during your busy weeks. I am so happy I got to know your child a little better academically and feel more prepared to target instruction this month!

*Thank you also for being so prompt returning your emergency cards! If you have n! ot done so please return them this week. Thank you! In addition, if you’d like to volunteer or be in the building at all please make sure you have completed an ichat (background check) in the office. These are good for several years! If you go into the office Ms. Cathy or Ms. Ann can get that taken care of right away!

Here is what you need to know this week:

  1. Social Studies: As we begin our first full week in school, we will continue learning and developing classroom and building policies, procedures.  We will be working on being a great citizen, working in a group and getting along with others! This week we will begin a unit on citizenship! This week we will focus on laws and rules and reread the book “NO David” and write about how we will use good manners in school!
  2. Math: This week we will begin Unit 1 in Kdg and 1st grade. This week we will begin teaching students to learn and work in my “math workshop” approach comprised of mini lessons, independent and team stations, games and individual groups. I can’t wait!
    1. Our first unit is all about numbers 0-5 for kdg and 0-10 for 1st! I have a feeling though that our rockin’ KDG students will also be sitting in on all these lessons too 🙂 In these units we will be counting, recognizing and writing all numbers and working on our number sense!
  3. Writer’s Workshop: we will begin this week to learn, and practice teachers structure and expectations for writer’s workshop! This week we will also begin our first writing unit: writing through detailed pictures. You can practice telling stories at home through VERY detailed pictures and eventually label them! At the end of every writing unit, we’ll share the wonderful work we did with you by sending them home!
  4. Language Arts: This week we will begin introducing our first component of Daily 5 “Read to Self”. We will learn and practice the teachers structure and expectations for Daily 5. Will will begin to build “stamina” for independent reading which will take place while the teachers is instructing students in small groups.
  5. Spelling: First graders will begin spelling this week.
  6. Reading Packs: As the teachers continues to assess and organize students skills, I will begin sending home reading packs with letters, or sight words to begin learning! I have entered your children into my RazKids account and they are ready for you to begin reading at home! Please let your child read each night for 10-20 minutes on the computer! Please make sure that as you recieve a reading pack that your child is responsible with them and makes sure they return to school daily! Also, I intend to use these as many years as I can, so please do not have any food or drinks in them to keep the bags and contents dry 🙂 thank you in advance for your help keeping them clean.
  7. Homework: This week I am asking that you send in a picture of your family for our Daily 5 program. The idea is to make the classroom feel like home and the child to feel comfortable in the learning environment.  I too will be taking a family selfie this week and send it into Benjamin’s classroom! Everyone say cheese!

Have a wonderful week and if there is anything I am missing I will be sure to write again asap!


Mrs. Ross 🙂

*Important Dates:

-Thursday September 14th, Elementary School Open House 6:00-7:30

2 thoughts on “Week of 9-10-2017

  1. Hello Mrs. Ross,

    Thanks for providing a list of apps and websites on your home page. How can we access razkids account for kids so that Arjun could complete his reading assignment. I tried but I could not get to it.

    Thanks for your help.

    Sanjana (Arjun’s mom)

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