Week of 3-20-2017

Greetings room 111! I hope this message finds you all well and enjoying another week with family!

Happy March is Reading Month! Thank you to our students from 111 who dressed up on Friday to show their 80s Rock Spirit! Be sure to check your March Activity calendar to help your child “dress accordingly” on the fun days we have sprinkled throughout the month and especially on Fridays! This Friday coming up, we will have another fun dress up opportunity to dress like a “ROCK STAR!” Have fun, can’t wait to see my super stars!

The office is checking into rescheduling our field trip to the creative arts studio. I will relay the information as soon as I get it! Thank you for being flexible.

Here is what is going on in class this week. Have a wonderful week, I will be sure to update the iblog as needed with classroom news!

Word Family: –ot family (hot, pot, cot, dot, tot, rot)

LA: “Moon” Non Fiction Focus: Inferring, Integration of Knowledge RI.K.7 (How can I use the photographs and illustrations to predict the text?)

Poem: “Itsy Bitsy Spider”

Math: Unit 10: Addition: Combining Groups to 6, 7, 8,9, adding with 0 and 1, combining sets to 10.

Science: Force and Motion continue…”When Objects Collide”, and “Exploring different amounts of force needed to push or pull objects”!

Social Studies: Common Assessment Where Am I?

Monday: Gym with Mrs. Fenner. Please return homework packets, new ones will be sent home today

Tuesday: Music with Mrs. Wilder and Art with Mrs. Brown (WearPJs it’s Movie Night!)

Wednesday: Computers with Mrs. Pantaleo

Thursday: Music with Mrs. Wilder in the PM

Friday: Gym with Mrs. Fenner

*Important Dates:

March 15th: Late Start 9:00am at our playground door

-March 26th: Parent Teacher Conferences (Only if your child receives a conference slip from the teacher)

March 30th: Annual Reading Night: 5:00pm-7:00pm

Rockin’ Movie Night March 21st (3:00pm-5:00pm) : Rock your PJs and enjoy a movie and food for $5!

*Reading Night Basket: Mickey and Friends!: PLEASE sne din $5 or a related product for our Reading Theme Basket! Thank you to those who have donated so far, and those that have purchased items. We now have $20!

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