Week of 2-27-2017

Greetings room 111!

I hope this message finds you all well and that you enjoyed our WARM winter break! I had the pleasure and luck to spend the week with my wonderful family and friends, and take my children to soccer and library day! It’s not glamorous but it’s exactly how I love to spend my time 🙂 I hope you all feel rested and relaxed and your children are ready to get back in the groove! I have missed them so much and wanted to also send a big THANK YOU for all the beautiful and sweet Valentine’s cards and treats. I LOVE them all and as usual have felt very special and spoiled! We also had SUCH a wonderful day for the 100th day of school! We had so many things to do that we ran out of time for everything planned! But as usual, my classroom was wonderful and I was ever so proud of us. Here is what is going on in class this week. Have a wonderful week back, I can NOT believe it is almost March!  I will be sure to update the iblog as needed with classroom news!

Word Family: –un family (bun, fun, gun, nun, run, sun)

LA: Informational with focus on: What is important in the text, inferencing, key details in text

Poem: “A Slippery Little Snake”

Math: Shapes

Science: Force and Motion continue

Monday: Gym with Mrs. Fenner. Please return homework packets, new ones will be sent home today

Tuesday: Music with Mrs. Wilder and Art with Mrs. Brown

Wednesday: Computers with Mrs. Pantaleo

Thursday: Music with Mrs. Wilder

Friday: Gym with Mrs. Fenner and Today is the PBIS reward day for those students that have had enough greens


*Important Dates: March 15th, 2017 Late Start 9:00am at our playground door

*Supplies: Dear parents, we are in desperate need of dry erase markers, baby wipes, play dough and sharpened pencils! If you are able to donate any of these items we would greatly appreciate it!

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