Week of 1-24-2016

Wow is January already over? I will be back tomorrow! My poor daughter (Antonia my 9mo old) is fighting a double ear infection and she seems to be doing better over the weekend thank goodness! Last week I asked the substitute to give the spelling test, but don’t worry we’ll do it again just to make sure your child does their best! Last week we took our math NWEA test and this week Mrs. Ross will finish up individual assessments for the end of the card marking and report card #2. As this week and card marking come to and end here is what you need to know this week!

Word Family:   -ig word family (big, wig, pig, fig, rig, dig, jig, gig)

hot words: wig, big, fig

LA: Informational texts

Writing: Informational writing

Math: Review week and continued individual testing

Social Studies: Review on Unit “Who Am I?”

Science: End of Push and Pull unit


Field Trip: We are going to the play on Tuesday. I recieved all the permission slips on Thursday and pulled four names out of the hat on Sunday night! Here are the four parent volunteers that I chose. Please bring in your $10.00 on Monday morning or Tuesday morning so I can turn it into the teacher that planned the trip. Thank you in advance for your help Tuesday, and please make sure you had a background check completed.

Mrs. Hajj, Mrs. Biaz, Mrs. Alkharashani, Mrs. Najda


Monday: Gym class (Wear or bring gym shoes!)

Tuesday: FIELD TRIP! Pack a healthy lunch. We will be eating at school after the play and will NOT be going through the cafeteria line because our regular lunch time will be over! We will have Music in the afternoon.

Wednesday: Computers

Thursday: Music class

Friday: 1/2 Day for students! Dismissal is at 11:10am.


Have a fantastic week and please let me know if there is anything I can do for you!

Mrs. Ross 🙂

2 thoughts on “Week of 1-24-2016

  1. Good morning Mrs. Ross,
    I hope Antonia will feeling better soon. I have a question about the NWEA score and the report card. When the report card will giving to the students? Does the score of NWEA will be mention in the report card?.

    Thank you so much,

    Mahassin Harp

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