Week of 1/18/2016

Happy Tuesday to all! I hope you had a very restful weekend. Here is what you need to know for this week:

Spelling: et family (pet, jet, met, wet, net, vet,get)

hot words: pet, vet, jet

*This week Mrs. Ross will continue assessing in language arts and math for the report card.

Monday: No school. I hope you stayed warm!

Tuesday: Timelines Due! New homework packets will go home this week as usual. We have art and music.

Wednesday: Late Start. School starts at 9:00 am. We have computers.

Thursday: NWEA math test. We have music and library check out in the pm. Please return books on Thursday morning.

Friday: We have gym today.

That’s all for now! Thank you for your hard work on the timelines. If you have not turned it in yet, please do as soon as possible. This is a graded assignment for the report card and will HELP your child study for the upcoming social studies test!

Have a wonderful week, and stay warm.

Mrs. Ross and class!


2 thoughts on “Week of 1/18/2016

    • Hi Mrs. Hajj! I hope you haven’t purchased them yet!!! Can you just bring in 2 or 3 bags of just the chocolate chips that would go into the cookie? Thank you so much. If not, no worries I am sure they will love eating a cookie as well 🙂

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