Week of 5-11-2020

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Week of 5-11-2020

Dear Families,
I hope this message finds you well! I wanted to wish all of our amazing mothers out there a very Happy Mother’s Day! I hope you are enjoying your special day with your precious babies! My day has been very simple and cozy, just the way I like it. I am really missing my school babies though, so please give them a hug for me and thank them for being so special to me. The work for the week will not post until 5:00pm today! Your work today is to be with your precious babies!

This week we will keep working hard with our remote learning. I just wanted to take a minute though to thank you all for your support and hard work week after week with your children. I know how hard it is. We put our sweat and tears into each and every little masterpiece we do and these are the moments I love and miss as a teacher. I find myself so sad that I can not be a part of the “process” of learning as well as the final moment when we step back, share and admire our ” finished products.” Your children are so special and amazing and I am in awe at the beautiful pieces I am receiving each week. The work is so special and dear to me. I wish I was doing it with them. I miss them so much. At the end of teacher appreciation week I want to make it very clear how much I appreciate you. Thank you for all you are doing to support us.

Big Blue Button update: I have decided not to use the big blue button this year. In order for us to use it, we would have to completely switch our learning platform from google classroom and use ilearn instead. I believe this would be a little too confusing and disruptive to the amazing flow of communication we have already established. However, I will still continue to call, answer, face time with anyone who needs me. I am right here. In addition, I will continue posting a few videos each week so that the kiddos can still see me and enjoy some little lessons 🙂

Thank you once again for the beautiful messages, cards and well wishes last week. I am so lucky to be a part of the DuVall community and your families.

With gratitude,

Mrs. Ross 🙂

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