Google Meet Run Through Friday at 3:30pm!

Dear Families,

Hope this message finds you and your families well! It has been such a joy seeing all the little faces and hearing all the little voices this week 🙂 Helps me find some joy in this unsure time. I am SO excited to set up our first “google meet” tomorrow at 3:30 pm! We will try and meet up on the google classroom and get all the kinks out before we begin meeting regularly next week. I am hoping by the end of the normal school day we will all be ready to relax and chat together. I am SO excited to see all their adorable faces 🙂 Here is how you are going to get on the google meet:

  1. Log in to Mrs. Ross Kindergarten on the google classroom.
  2. Look for the link (it will be inside the black and white class picture right under the class code.
  3. Click on the link.
  4. You will then be taken to the screen to chat! You will need to make sure that your mic is “on” for us to hear you when speaking and “muted” when listening to a lesson/story from Mrs. Ross or Mrs. Pelaccio or Mrs. Chromicz.
  5. Mrs. Ross will always be the first and last person to be on the chat to ensure it is a safe and professional meeting.

Google Meet Norms:

  1. Log in at the time of the meeting.
  2. Be respectful to the students in the class.
  3. Listen to the teacher when the teacher is speaking.
  4. Take turns.
  5. Mute you microphone when asked.
  6. Have fun!
  7. Log off before the teacher when the meeting is over.

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