Week of 3-16-2020

Dear Families,

Hoping you are all well and safe. I am thinking of you all and miss the students very much. Please give them my love and tell them I am thinking of them and I am here if you should need anything. I thought I would do a few more things to help our little ones with math and literacy. I have entered all the students into Zern and will put their usenames/passwords for you to log in. You will only have to enter the class code once the first time you enter the site. IPlease remember that your child has been bringing home math games the whole year and these will REALLY come in handy now for skill review! In addition, I will write up a lesson plan for you for the week to help you with reading ideas and you can follow the ideas at home. 🙂

Mr. Attee just posted this on his DuVall Website as well!

Liberty Automotive in West Dearborn is donating laptops to families who need one to assist our efforts in remote learning. Please contact them if you need a laptop! Their email address is libertyauto313@gmail.com and phone number is (313)278-3610.  They have a limited number so please contact them right away if you need a laptop.  

Students Needing Computers During this Time:

Comcast is offering free Internet access to low-income families for help with the remote learning that will be taking place at home.  Click here for more .  A direct link to the Comcast website to sign up is located here

Class Code for Zern: DX7Q7F All Passwords: 123

All Usernames are very simple: simply type your child’s first and last name with no space and a capital for the first letter of each. For example Abigail’s username is: AbigailBerhe and her password is: 123

*Only altered usernames: PeytonFullerton2 and MiaSmith6

Spelling Word Family: ap word family (cap, gap, lap, map, nap, rap, sap, tap) blends to challenge child: trap, flap

*ideas for learning and working with word families: rainbow writing them, pyramid writing them, dry erase markers on white board/ziplock baggie, magnetic letters, string, play-Doh, use each one in a sentence.

Language Arts Focus Book : Strictly No Elephants by: Lisa Mantachev

(go to youtube and type in title with words read aloud and you’ll find it)

Objectives: I can ask and answer questions about key details in a text

I can statements: I can identify the main characters in a story . I can determine the problem and how it was solved

Comprehension Strategy: Retelling, Problem/Solution

Story Elements: Characters

Week Theme: Pets

Essential Questions: Who were the main characters in the story? What was the problem and how was it solved?

Phonemic Awareness Objective: Medial Sounds (Say a word and have your child tell you the MIDDLE sound they hear (tip, pace, hope, bed, top, seed, lack, toot, tape, feel, cute, sub, sheep, sip, face, rice, rut, head) I would do six a day

Interesting Vocabulary Words: (In book) club, coax, brave, skunk, directions

Making Connections Ideas:

1. Illustrate the two main characters in the story

2. In the story the kids have different types of pets. Illustrate a pet you have or would like to have.

3. Illustrate yourself being brave and a skunk.

4. Illustrate two of the boy and elephant’s new animal friends.

Writing Prompt: What would be a unique pet you would like to have?

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