Field Trip Chaperones/ichats!

Dear Families,

Thank you all once again for volunteering to chaperone and drive us to the IMAX! We had to to a lottery to make sure we had enough seats for all the classes and people. Therefore, each family chaperoning will only send one adult to the theater. Here are the names of students whose parents will be joining us. Again, if your name was not picked please feel free to still join us afterwards for pizza! If there is an * next to your name please kindly pop in the office to have your insurance up to date on file with the secretary and/or ichat current!

Chaperones Driving AND Attending Polar Express:

Andrew’s Parent*

Abigail’s mom

Reeve’s mom*

Peyton’s dad*

Nico’s mom

Isaha’s mom*

Mohamad’s mom*

Jillian’s mom*

Anthony’s mom*

Luciana’s dad

Noah’s mom

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