Pictures from this week!

This week we have been very busy! We have worked SO hard to learn many different procedures and the foundations of what will be our “subjects!” We worked on how to follow two and three step directions in order to transition from any subject to another, recess, lunch and dismissal. We worked on AM procedures and lunch choices. Wr leaned our first choice for Daily 5: “Read-to-Self” and practiced building independent reading stamina. Today we reached five minutes of uninterrupted reading! We explored and discussed what we need to become illustrators and tell stories through our pictures. We also worked a lot of our social studies unit “Getting Along With Others.” We also worked hard on four Eureka math lessons and incorporated small group stations into our math workshop! We are so proud of our hard work this week and wanted to share some of our pictures with you! Hope you have a wonderful weekendEnjoy ☺️

Working on drawing to tell a story through illustrations. Using “circles, sticks and lines” and shapes we know well we can draw many things!
Roll, count the number on the die and link that many shapes to show the “total amount”
Use various math shapes to build a picture. Notice what shapes when put together make new ones! Can we name these shapes as we build?
Roll and count out that number in a color and then roll again!
Read my numbers from 0-10 and put that many bears “in the cave!”
Practicing “Read-to-Self” and building stamina!

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