NWEA Testing has begun…

Dear Families,

Friday we began our NWEA language arts testing and will finish them this week. We will also begin our math NWEA assessment. We do them in small groups of 5-8 students so that I can keep an eye on the speed/time duration of each child. This test is hard for our kiddos because they need to take their time, listen carefully to each question and decide what the best answer is. If they are impulsive and click quickly, it can misrepresent their comprehension of skill areas. Results will be stapled to your child’s 4th report card. However, if you are curious as to how they did feel free to ask me sooner! I should have the results of all testing (reading and math) by Friday. Here is how you can prepare your child for this week:

*Make sure they get plenty of sleep

*Give them a hearty breakfast

*Make sure they are present this week

*Pack snacks and water for the hot weather days

*Give them a little pep talk of support and encourage them to take their time and weigh their options carefully before clicking! Remind them to take their time.

*Not putting a huge amount of pressure on them so that the test makes them nervous.


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