Apple Orchard Field Trip Chaperones!


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Dear parents,

We just pulled the names of 6 moms that will ride the bus with us to Wiard’s Apple Orchard for our field trip on the 18th. I wanted to THANK all of the parents for volunteering your time to accompany us and I wish we could take ALL of you on the bus with us. Unfortunately, we do not have enough space to do that, and we are so luck that 14 moms volunteered. WOW, that is amazing! I will say this though. If you still wanted to spend the day with us, I would like to invite you to either drive yourself or carpool with other mothers and follow the bus there (or meet us at the entrance gate). If you would still like to come, we’d love to have you. You would simply pay your entrance fee when you get there and join us there.

Here are the mom’s pulled to ride the bus. If something changes in your schedule which permits you from joining us, please let me know and I will pull another name from the basket. Thank you and have a great day!

Paisley’s mom

Kaydin’s mom

Johnny’s mom

Jack’s mom

Alex’s mom

Cameran’s mom

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