Spring Recesses!

Image result for pictures of boo boosDear families,

As the weather gets warmer, we are going to be playing outside a lot more woohoo!!! The warm weather brings with it fun, smiles and also new boo-boos! Unfortunately we had a few sad faces today after I picked the students up from lunch recess! This is to be expected though because all the kiddos are SO excited to run and play 🙂 As a class we revisited classroom and playground expectations at 12:00pm today and how to make sure we stay safe while playing outside on the cement AND recess with older students outside. Here is what we came up with to avoid injuries:

  1. WALK on the cement when the lunch moms blow the whistle to line up
  2. Play with students on the wood chips when we run
  3. Play with students our own age and size and do NOT join in a game such as soccer on the black top with the older students in the afternoon!
  4. Stick together and never leave the teacher
  5. When the teacher blows the whistle I should also walk quickly to the line and wait for her

We would really appreciate if you went over these expectations with your child again to help the teacher and lunch staff keep your precious babies safe and happy!



Mrs. Ross and Class!

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