Dear families,

Our class wanted to share the awesome news that we have also rocked the math NWEA assessment last week! I am SO proud of the hard work, dedication to learning, enthusiasm and stamina your child has shown this year so far. What means the most to me as a teacher (and mother of a child who also takes these assessments) is that our children take it slowly and with meaning but do not put too much pressure on themselves. Now whatever the score, we will celebrate our efforts! We feel like eating PIZZA!!!

So, tomorrow afternoon, during our PM snack time, Mrs. Ross will be ordering 2 cheese and 2 pepperoni pizza to kick back, relax and celebrate our EFFORTS (although we also rocked our scores hee hee)!

In addition, I just wanted to sincerely thank you once again for sending such well rested, well prepared, enthusiastic young learners to school every day for me to love and love teaching! Thank you for ALL you do with them at home to teach and reinforce great learning. We are such a great team!


Mrs. Ross and Class 🙂

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