Week of 6-3-2016

Greetings room 111,

Here are a few things to know for the week! Our time is short but it will be fun!

Monday: Gym with Mrs. Fenner. Also, please return any library books or book room books you have at home. We have already returned them to the library and are now looking for anything extra! Thank you for your help. Also, there are still about three students that have NOT sent in a white shirt or money! I have extra shirts for your to purchase Monday morning if you need one! ALso, if you have NOT turned in the reading license information yet please do so for our cool surprise on the 15th! Thank you for all your help as usual. Have a great week!

Tuesday: Art and Music! Also, if you want to you can bring a towel and sunglasses for soak up the sun day!

Wednesday: Tie Dye day: We will be doing our shirts after computers at 12:15pm. We would appreciate a few moms to come in and help with this! Note: This could get messy so do NOT have your child dress in their nicest clothing on Wednesday! Thank you in advance for your help!

Thursday: Music. Also it is “unhealthy snack day” on our countdown so please make sure to send in ONE small unhealthy treat for your child that is individually wrapped and they can enjoy it at snack time!

Friday: Gym and movie day on the countdown!


*Important Dates: *June 15th 1:00pm Kindergarten Promotion Ceremony

and 2:00pm in room 111 Reading License Ceremony

* June 16th: 1/2 day for all students! Please have someone scheduled for pick up!



2 thoughts on “Week of 6-3-2016

  1. Hi Mrs Ross.
    Reminder: Tomorrow at 1:30 I will be bringing in cupcakes for the class for Zayns birthday.

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