Week of 1-11-2016

Dear Families,

I hope you enjoyed your snowy Sunday and stayed warm! I ventured out for one hour and then stayed inside the rest of the day! It is very beautiful though, and I was waiting for the snow to fall! As the week is projected to be a cold one, make sure your little one is bundled up! If the temp is 20* or below they may wait in the gym each morning. Here is what you need to know for kindergarten this week.

Word Family: –an word family (tan, fan, can, ran, man, pan, van, an)

hot words: tan, can, van

Booklet 1: Pink booklet should be practiced every night for about 10-15 minutes. Keep up the great work!

Math: 3D shapes (cube, cone, sphere, cylinder)

Science: Push Pulls

Social Studies: Who Am I?

Monday: Gym

Tuesday: Art and Music

Wednesday: Computers

Thursday: Music. NWEA testing for Reading

Friday: Gym

I will continue my assessments for math and reading this week for the next report card. You can help your child by counting orally aloud by 1 and 10 as usual, writing numbers from 0-10 every night, counting objects up to 2o in different arrangements, and identifying their 2D and 3D shapes. Please continue reading on Raz-Kids in order for your child to read new books. We may be testing instead of reading in their groups. They will all continue to get paper emergent readers though in various subjects.

We also have one our NWEA tests on Thursday for reading. You can prepare your child by reading nightly with them. Practicing letter/sound identification, playing rhyming games and pointing out words/pictures that rhyme with each other in books from home. Practicing word families (if you take away the “n” sound in can and put in the “p” sound what word do you have? But mostly just let them get a good night sleep this week and eat a great breakfast all week as usual!

In science this week we will continue our study of force and motion and kick it off on Monday with “The Car Race” experiment! It is going to be really fun and I hope to get some great pics of your child predicting, building ramps, and testing out their predictions of which cars will be the fastest!

Have a great week! If there is anything else I’ll be sure to let you know throughout the week.

Mrs. Ross 🙂



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