Math Workshop Volunteers…Thank you!

I just wanted say a BIG thank you to all the parent volunteers that helped make our math workshop fun and engaging yesterday! Thank you to Bashir’s mom, Jad’s mom, Hadi Hajj’s mom, Mariam’s mom, Zayn’s mom, Yara’s mom, Adam Shawhatti’s mom, Ali’s mom and Zayd’s grandma! Thank you for giving us your time and support!

My wish is that we will have a continued stream of parent volunteers for various subjects all year. So, if you were NOT able to volunteer this week, or so far this year, it is NOT too late!

My goal is to have hands on assistance in the classroom which will translate to higher achievement. When you volunteer you will see first hand the way we learn and you can take our classroom strategies back home. Please help us achieve our goals this year.

With gratitude,

Mrs. Ross

3 thoughts on “Math Workshop Volunteers…Thank you!

  1. Thank you Mrs. Ross for give this opportunity to parents. Honestly, it is very interesting to see how the child engage in the classroom . It gives you the ability to see the child’s s weakness and strengths. I will try my best to volunteer as much as I can. when I see I have free time from my work I will be available:). Again, Thank you so much.

    Mahassin Harp, yara’s mom

  2. Thank you Mrs. Ross for give this opportunity to parents to enjoy their kids in the classroom. Honestly, it is interesting to see the kids how they engage with the subjects. Also, it gives the parents ability to see their kids weakness and strengths. I will try my best to get a free time from work and volunteer as much as I can. Again, Thank you so much .

    Mahassin Harp ( yara’s mom)

    • Oh it is MY please thank you 🙂 I am very lucky to have a classroom full of such wonderful and active parents! You are welcome any time and thank you for taking time away from work I know how impossible that is to do!!!

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