First Grade Tie Dyes!

As a part of their celebration for the 100th day of school, each first grade artist created a tie-dye shirt in art class! They twisted and tied their shirts with rubber band, and then sprayed the pigment onto their shirts. I have loved seeing each artist wearing their masterpiece!

First Grade “Looks Within”

First grade artists used the PTA reflection theme, “Look Within”, as inspiration for our next artwork! Each artist drew a large pair of binoculars and then drew things that they liked, things that described them, and ways that they feel inside of the lenses. We talked about the difference between seeing what someone looks like …


First Grade reviews Primary Colors

First grade artists reviewed what the primary colors are during one art class by looking at the artwork of Mondrian! They created their own mini-mondrian masterpieces by gluing primary colored rectangles and printing lines with cardboard and black paint. Then they experimented with mixing the primary colors during another art class! They mixed colors with …


Welcome Back Mural

Welcome back to another wonderful year at Geer Park! Every artist in the school started this year by making 1/4 of a circle shape and filled it with designs and their initials. Then they worked together as a table to create a circle with each of their shapes. All of our individual pieces look nice …


First Grade Pinch Pot Monsters

First grade artists created pinch pot creatures out of clay! They learned about the properties of clay, where it comes from, and some hand-building techniques! After they made a pinch pot they added the details of their creature and used a slip-and-scoring technique to attach their pieces. They added color with glaze once their creatures …


First Grade Chalk Flowers

First grade artists have been practicing observational drawing and looking for details in an object as they draw. They looked at flowers in the art room and drew as many details as they could with glue. They also tried to draw their flower large enough so that it went off of their paper, or was …