Last Week to Submit Art

There are no new art projects for this week. Instead, this is a chance to catch up on any of the past projects that you may have missed! If you are unsure about what you still need to complete or what your art grade is going to be, please email me ( and ask! I can accept art submissions until Wednesday June, 10th before I have to enter my grades.

Digital Art

When you create a piece of art using your computer, or another form of technology, it is called digital art! Some students have been creating different kinds of digital art at home. Below is one option for digital art using Google Drawings to make a self-portrait! If you want to create a piece of digital art this week you can follow along with the video on Google Drawings or you can use another site or app to create a piece of digital art! Make sure you share or send a screenshot of your art when you are done!

Don’t want to try digital art this week? Check out the other choices posted in the K-2 and 3-5 project tabs at the top menu!

Plastic Bag Jump Rope DIY

Jumping rope is a great way to exercise and have fun outside! It is also fun to learn new jump rope tricks or to make a jump rope routine! If you do not have a jump rope at home, but you have some plastic grocery bags, you can follow along with this video to make your own:

Check out the other new art projects for this week in the K-2 and 3-5 Project tabs in the top menu!

Submitting Art Projects

This is a reminder that all students are asked to create one art project a week and email it to me at (or you can send it to me on Dojo). You can find project ideas here or in the art iLearn courses. Click on your grade level tab, or the iLearn tab, in the menu above to see more!

Here is a project that is on both of the project idea tabs this week: Cardboard Robots and Crayon Rubbings!

I can’t wait to see how you use your creative ideas this week!

Calming Non Objective Art

Sometimes it can feel calming or meditative to create artwork that doesn’t look like anything or mean anything. Art that does not represent anything or look like anything specific is called non objective art.

For this artwork I used watercolor paints, paper, and two black Sharpies.

If you want to try to make an artwork like the one above, follow these steps:

  1. Paint or color shapes or “blobs” of color on your paper.
  2. Draw patterns on top of the dry paint or color. These patterns can be made from simple lines and shapes repeated over and over again.

Try not to worry about what your artwork looks like, instead notice how you are feeling while you are creating.

New Material Self Portraits

This week Mrs. Russell and I both used new materials we found to make self portraits!

A self portrait is an artwork you make that shows yourself!

Mrs. Russell reused cardboard cereal boxes and a brown paper bag for her self portrait! She drew the parts of her face on cardboard, cut it out with scissors, and glued all of the pieces together!

portrait that has hair, glasses, and a face made from light brown cardboard
Look at Mrs. Russell’s self portrait!

I found pieces of tree bark on the ground during my walk one day and decided to collect it for a new art material! I used oil pastels to draw parts of my face on the different pieces of bark. Then I glued them together on a piece of paper in a mixed-up way (a little bit like cubism).

pieces of bark laying on a black piece of paper, some of the pieces have been colored and show parts of the face, not in the correct facial spotr. The nose is yellow, one eye is blue, the mouth is green, and another eye is pink.
My self portrait on tree bark with oil pastels.

What new materials can you think of to use to create a self portrait? Try one at home and send me a picture!

We Miss You!

Mrs. Russell and I were FaceTiming talking about how much we miss all of our artists this morning!

A screenshot from FaceTime with one lady in the top corner and the other in the square in the center of the image.

We hope you are all taking care of yourselves and looking for reasons to smile every day. Many of you have made us smile when you have reached out in email or Dojo to say hello, to tell us how you are doing, or to share your artwork you have made. I hope you will keep reaching out because we love and miss you all very much!

Mrs. Russell and Ms. Bruce