Drawing a Day Challenge

I challenge you to make one drawing every day while you are at home! The drawings can be of anything you want but below are suggestions for each day. Drawings can be big or small! You can draw on paper, on cardboard, on the back of an envelope, on the sidewalk with chalk, digitally on the computer or tablet, anywhere! Email your drawings to brucep1@dearbornschools.org to share them on the blog or to Mrs. Russell’s email: russed@dearbornschools.org.

Day 1: Draw something that makes you smile.

Here is my drawing for Day 1. These glasses were my grandpa’s and now they make me smile because they remind me of him!
Drawing of two people walking away towards a wooded area
Here is Mrs. Russell’s drawing for what makes her smile; it is a photo of her two oldest children skipping off to play together when they were younger!

Day 2: Design and draw a monster! Write a sentence about where this monster lives.

Day 3: Draw your favorite food.

Day 4: Draw an object from your home.

Day 5: Draw someone you love!

drawing of a man with dark hair wearing a hooded jacket; it is drawn in pencil
I drew my dad for my Day 5 drawing!

Day 6: Write a story and then draw a comic to show your story!

Day 7: Draw a new superhero! Write about what their super powers are!

Day 8: Design and draw the ultimate playground!

Day 9: Draw something that makes you nervous or scared.

Day 10: Draw yourself making a funny face!

Day 11: Draw your favorite animal or insect.

Day 12: Design and draw a uniform for the summer olympics! (This could be for any summer olympic sport: gymnastics, basketball, rowing, football, tennis, surfing, track, and more!)

Day 13: Draw a memory you have. Write a paragraph to explain the memory and why it feels important to you.

Day 14: Draw one of your favorite characters (they could be from a book, a movie, tv, video game, etc.)

Day 15: Invent and draw a new fruit. Name your new fruit and describe how it feels, smells, and tastes!

Day 16: Draw your favorite season.

Day 17: Draw a design that shows a pattern.

Day 18: Draw something warm.

Day 19: Draw something cold.

Day 20: Draw a map of something. (This could be your city, your bedroom, your house, your school, etc. Include as many details as you can!)

Day 21: Draw a word in bubble letters.

Day 22: Draw something that moves.

Day 23: Draw a piece of garbage or recycling.

Day 24: Draw yourself 20 years in the future! What do you think you will be doing in 20 years? How can you show this in your drawing?

Day 25: Create and draw a new animal!

Day 26: Draw something outside.

Day 30: Draw something old.

Day 31: Draw your teacher. Send your drawing to your teacher-they would love to see it!