Fifth Grade Tapestry Weaving

Fifth grade artists have been learning new weaving techniques! They each created their own small tapestry after sketching their idea first. They used techniques such as adding beads, Soumak stitch, fringe, and weaving shapes. Many artists took their weavings home before I could take a photo but here are a few below:    

Second Grade Ceramic Flowers

The second grade artists in Ms. Watts class finished their end of the year projects early and were able to quickly make a ceramic flower to take home with a small piece of our leftover clay!   Most artists chose to make a rose, but a few created other types of flowers. After finishing their …


First Grade Pinch Pot Monsters

First grade artists created pinch pot creatures out of clay! They learned about the properties of clay, where it comes from, and some hand-building techniques! After they made a pinch pot they added the details of their creature and used a slip-and-scoring technique to attach their pieces. They added color with glaze once their creatures …


Second Grade Circle Weaving

Second grade artists have been busy weaving in the art room! They wove on paper plates and started their project by painting their paper plate. They mixed as many different colors as they could fit using the primary colors, white, and black and added details with a small brush. Then they cut notches in their …


Third Grade Jewelry Designers

Third grade artists practiced being jewelry artists during their art class last week. They started by creating a series of beads out of clay (they had to think about the shapes and textures of their beads from a design standpoint and the size and weight from a functional standpoint). Then they painted their beads and …


Kindergarten Spring Collages

Kindergarten artists each created a collage to show the season of Spring! They began by painting papers for a sky, grass, and colorful papers for flowers or animals.  They used techniques such as sponge painting, splatter painting, and using texture tools. They cut shapes from their painted papers and arranged them to look like grass, …


First Grade Chalk Flowers

First grade artists have been practicing observational drawing and looking for details in an object as they draw. They looked at flowers in the art room and drew as many details as they could with glue. They also tried to draw their flower large enough so that it went off of their paper, or was …