Home Art Blog

I have created a separate blog for art lessons, ideas, and inspiration for artists to create art at home. Each artist from Geer Park should look under the Drawing a Day Challenge and under their grade level tab for lessons they can choose from to complete at home. https://iblog.dearbornschools.org/homeart/ Art can be a great outlet …


Kindergarten Shows Emotions

Kindergarten artists talked about emotions during one art class this month. We talked about how emotions look and what they feel like. Each artist chose three emotions to draw, showing what their faces look like when they are feeling this emotion. Then they created an abstract painting to go with their drawing that shows what …


First Grade Tie Dyes!

As a part of their celebration for the 100th day of school, each first grade artist created a tie-dye shirt in art class! They twisted and tied their shirts with rubber band, and then sprayed the pigment onto their shirts. I have loved seeing each artist wearing their masterpiece!