First Grade Warm/Cool Guitars

First grade artists have been learning about warm and cool colors in the art room! They began by painting two different papers using only warm colors or only cool colors. ¬†They chose from a variety of texture tools to add designs to their papers such as forks, sponges, stamps, popsicle sticks, splatter paint, etc. Then …


Fourth Grade Felt Monsters

Fourth grade artists in Ms. Kesserouani’s class¬†created felt monsters! They began by designing their own monster from their imagination. Then they made a template and cut their monster shape from two pieces of felt. Details were added with felt and/or fabric paint, and the final step was to sew and stuff the monsters.

Fifth Grade Notans

Fifth grade artists are learning about positive and negative space in the art room! Each artist made a Notan artwork. They started with a square of paper and cut out shapes from all four sides, flipped them over, and glued them to the outside of their square.   We started by practicing a Notan during …