3rd grade Mexican Folk Mirrors

Third grade celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15- October 15) by studying and creating artwork from a Spanish speaking country. We even learned a few Spanish words along the way! Students looked at decorative Mexican Folk Mirrors and the pattern designs that covered them. Students reviewed their lines and shapes and focused on patterns as they …


2nd Grade Leaf Lines

At the beginning of autumn our 2nd grade artists talked about some of the signs of the changing season.  We noted how the leaves change to warm colors and begin to fall off of the trees.  This was our inspiration for our artwork! Students drew leaves that may have just fallen off of trees in …


1st Grade Kandinsky Shapes

First graders looked at the artwork of artist Wassily Kandinsky for inspiration and some shape review. .   Students chose their own shapes to draw using a crayon-resist method with watercolor paints. We talked about how Kandinsky painted to try and show how music made him feel.  After we were finished with our shape paintings, …


2nd Grade Instrument Decoration

Second grade students (and the third grade students in Mrs. Gutierrez’s class) are making instruments in Ms. Devine’s music class! Before they assembled the instruments they painted the parts during art class. Before we began painting, students looked at some of Kandinsky’s artwork.  They learned how Kandinsky painted the way music sounded, or the way music …


Monet Inspired Outdoor Art

Two of our fifth grade classes were able to create artwork outside before the temperatures start to drop! Before going outside, students read about Monet and his impressionist style.   Students looked for the the specific colors in the trees around the track and created an oil pastel drawing of what they saw.

4th Autumn Chalk Artwork

At the beginning of autumn our 4th grade artists looked at the shapes and lines that appear in pumpkins and sunflowers and created a drawing with glue. When the glue was dry, they added color with chalk.  We talked about how lights and shadows can show value and can give objects form (or a 3-D …


5th grade Graffiti Names

As we learn about new artists, processes, and techniques we are developing and expanding upon our definition and understanding of ART.  Fifth graders were asked the questions “Is graffiti art? Why or why not?”. They wrote down their opinions for a class discussion.  This photo shows our opinions at the beginning of the lesson. We …