Fifth Grade Self-Portraits

Fifth grade artists have been creating self portraits in the art room! We learned how a self-portrait is an artwork that you make to show yourself to the world; you could either show what you look like or another quality about yourself like how you feel, your interests, your experiences, etc. Each artist showed a …


Fourth Grade Zentangle Animals

Fourth grade artists have been learning about Zentagles, line variation, emphasis, and analogous colors in the art room! They drew an animal, or insect, and filled it with ten or more different Zentangle designs, focusing on pattern and line variation. Then they painted their backgrounds with analogous color watercolor paints.

Kindergarten Lines

Kindergarten artists have been learning about lines in the art room and have been making lines out of different materials! They began by learning the names of different types of lines and practiced drawing them with crayons. Then they made different lines with clay. They created their line sculptures with paper and glue. Now they …


Geer Park’s Buddy Bench

Six fourth grade artists have been busy painting a Buddy Bench for Geer Park! This bench is a place where students at recess can go if they are looking for somebody new to play with; when someone else sees them sitting on the Buddy Bench they can go and offer to play with them.

Second Grade Shows Movement

Second grade artists looked at the artwork of Keith Haring and created their own “bubble-people”. They drew someone showing an action pose and posed for each other at their tables. They started with a quick gesture line drawing and then turned that drawing into a “bubble-person” like Keith Haring’s artwork showed. Then they colored and …