Second Grade Circle Weavings

Second grade artists have been busy weaving in the art room! They decorated a paper plate and turned it into a loom by cutting notches and adding a warp string. Then they learned how to weave by making an over-under pattern with their weft strings.Some artists chose to add beads and fringe to their weaving …


Kindergarten Spring Collages

Kindergarten artists created collages to show things that happen in the season of Spring! They began by choosing a time of day and then painting a background paper that would show the colors of the sky during that time of day. They could then choose to add clouds by sponge painting on top of their …


First Grade Clay Creatures

First grade artists created pinch-pot creatures out of clay! They learned how to make a pinch pot and then used a slip and scoring technique to add details and body parts to their creature. They added color with glaze and then were ready to take their creature home!