Fifth Grade Value Scale Still Life

Fifth grade artists have been learning about VALUE, the lightness or darkness of a color, in the art room.

Two student artwork examples, a colored value scale background with two vases in front shaded in pencil

Each artist completed an exercise to show different values of a color and to show value on an object to make it look more 3D.

Another set of student examples; two vases or bowls shaded in pencil in front of a colored value scale

They mixed white with a color to make tints and black with a color to make shades. Then they chose 2 objects to draw and shaded different values to show where light would hit an object and where there would be shadows.

student papers in progress that show purple and indigo stripes of paint that get darker as they move down the paper student painting with red, each row of paint is a darker shade of red as it goes down his paper

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