Kindergarten Zulu Baskets

Kindergarten artists learned an African Zulu song in music class and looked at beautifully woven Zulu baskets in the art room. Each artist drew a basket and repeated some of the lines, shapes, and colors we have been learning about to create a pattern. Watercolor paint was used over the oil pastel patterns for a …


Mrs. Beydoun’s Indian Elephants

The second grade artists in Mrs. Beydoun’s class have been studying the country of India in their classroom.  In the art room, artists looked at the elephants from India and how they are decorated during festivals and holidays. We learned how the elephant can represent wisdom in India and that elephants have very good memories! …


Fifth grade Orchids

Fifth grade artists are learning about still lifes and used this art project to practice drawing objects that are in front of them. Everyone used their “artists’ eyes” and drew what they saw on their orchid plant. Then a wet-on-wet technique was used with watercolor paints in the background. Some artists chose to sprinkle salt …


Third Grade Totem Poles

Third grade artists learned a Native American song in music class and created totem poles in art class! First students looked at Native American totem poles and learned how some totem poles were used to tell stories. Each artists created one animal using collage techniques. The pieces were added together to create a totem pole!

Second Grade 3-D Shapes

Second grade artists were learning about 3-D shapes in their classrooms and learned how to draw and shade six of the 3-D shapes in art class! First we practiced labeling and sketching the 3-D shapes, or forms. Next each artist drew one form on a different colored paper. Chalk was used to add a shadow to one …