Kindergarten Zulu Baskets

Kindergarten artists learned an African Zulu song in music class and looked at beautifully woven Zulu baskets in the art room. Each artist drew a basket and repeated some of the lines, shapes, and colors we have been learning about to create a pattern.
Watercolor paint was used over the oil pastel patterns for a watercolor resist method.


IMG_2696 IMG_2712 IMG_2710 IMG_2708 IMG_2707 IMG_2706 IMG_2701 IMG_2699 IMG_2697

The Zulu baskets are woven, so Kindergarten artists learned how to weave using paper.

IMG_2842 - Copy IMG_2950

When finished with their weaving, artists cut and glued their patterned baskets to the weaving.

IMG_2948 IMG_2947IMG_2951 IMG_2957 IMG_2956 IMG_2955 IMG_2954 IMG_2953 IMG_2952IMG_3044IMG_3045IMG_3046IMG_3047IMG_3049IMG_3051

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