First Grade Picasso Portraits

First grade artists looked at some of the cubism paintings by Pablo Picasso. We looked at how he could show more than one side of people or objects all at once. Each artist created their own Picasso-inspired portrait by showing more than one thing about their subject at once.  Some artists showed more than one …


Fifth Grade American Gothic Parodies

Fifth grade artists created their own parody of the painting “American Gothic” by Grant Wood. After learning more about the painting “American Gothic” and what a parody is, each artist used their own ideas to create a new painting that resembled the original painting but changed certain elements to add humor.

Fourth Grade Tree Houses

Fourth grade artists have been working very hard on creating their own tree house sculptures! They began by building a tree out of recycled materials and adding paper mache on top of it to make it stronger. Then they used cardboard and other recycled materials to build a house that would fit into their trees. …


Third Grade Coil Bowls

Third grade artists created coil bowls! They began by learning a little about clay and the ceramic-making process. They also had the chance to practice making a small coil piece that would be used for a later project. Then they were able to make their own bowls using coils! The second and third grade artists …


Young 5’s Penguins

The artists in Mrs. Davidson’s young five’s class created snowy penguin collages! They draw snowflakes by drawing lines with a white oil pastel on a white paper.  They painted with cool colored paints to reveal their snowflakes, this was a watercolor resist method of painting. Then they used the shapes they are learning about to …