Fifth Grade American Gothic Parodies

Fifth grade artists created their own parody of the painting “American Gothic” by Grant Wood.

After learning more about the painting “American Gothic” and what a parody is, each artist used their own ideas to create a new painting that resembled the original painting but changed certain elements to add humor.

a student painting of a coke and pepsi can standing in front of a black house that has a Gothic window, the coca cola can is holding a straw a student painting of a graham cracker and a hershey's chocolate bar standing in front of a fire, they are both reaching out and holding a marshmallow. There is a night time sky around the fire and more marshmallows on sticks on the ground student painting of two basketballs standing in front of a basketball hoop student paintig of two unicorns in front of a building titled "Unicorn Factory", one unicord is holding an ice cream cone with a rainbow where the scoop of ice cream would go

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