Second Grade Lighthouses

For the last art class of the school year, second grade artists looked at some of the lighthouses in Michigan and discussed what the job of a lighthouse is. Each artist drew and colored a lighthouse, painted a background, and then glued the lighthouse to the background.

Fifth Grade Op Art

Fifth grade artists looked at artwork that shows optical illusions for the last day of art class this year.   We noticed how making shapes smaller, or moving lines a certain way can trick our eyes into thinking we are seeing something that we are not. Each artist chose one of the six op art options …


Young 5’s Portfolios

Artists in Mrs. Mardini’s Young Fives class recently brought home their portfolios with their 2D artwork from this school year! Many of their projects were the same or similar to the kindergarten art projects this year.  But a few projects in their portfolio can be found below:    

Fourth Grade Chalk Mandalas

Fourth grade artists looked at sand mandalas that were made in India as a form of relaxation or meditation.  We saw how, even though MANY hours were put into making the detailed mandalas, when they were finished, the sand would blow away and would become a part of nature.  We decided to make our own …


Kindergarten Projects

Kindergarten artists have been very busy during these last weeks of school and have made a new piece of artwork during each class to review things they have learned throughout the year. Some of these art works are shown below.   Painted Pineapples:   Mixed Media Lupine Flowers   Ice Cream Cone Collage   Color …


Fifth Grade Mixed Media Collage

Fifth grade artists read the book “My Hands Sing the Blues” by Jeanne Walker Harvey and illustrated by Elizabeth Zunon.  The book shows the early life of mixed-media collage artist, Romare Bearden.   After looking at more of Romare Bearden’s mixed media collages, each student sketched out a memory from their past. Using four or …