5th grade Henna Hand Bowls

5th grade artists in Mrs. Hourani’s class looked at henna designs and talked about the purpose and meaning of the designs. Then everyone created a hand bowl out of clay! They used the slab method and used a slip-and-score technique to attach a base for the bowl to rest on.  Then students created henna designs …


5th Grade ZenDoodle Animals

Fifth grade artists have practiced “finding their ZEN” as they drew a Zentangle. Students then chose an animal to draw and created eight different Zentangles inside of the animal. Analogous colors were used to paint around the animal so that the Zentangle Animal would really POP!

Third Grade Architects

Third graders read all about architecture and became architects for our next project. After looking at Edward Hopper’s “House by the Railroad”, students learned what makes a house a “Victorian” house. Students practiced making sketches of houses with towers, turrets, many stories, decorative trim, and made sure their houses were not symmetrical. After designing two …


Kindergarten Mondrian Spider Webs

Kindergarten artists read a story about the Itsy Bitsy Spider and created a spider web using horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines. Then students looked at the artwork of Piet Mondrian and learned about the primary colors.   The primary colors were used to color the shapes created between the spider web lines. Some students added …