Kindergarten Primary Spider Webs

Kindergarten and young 5 artists are continuing to learn about lines; they learned about three directional lines, horizontal, vertical, and diagonal, to make a spider web! They also learned that red, yellow, and blue are called the primary colors. They used the primary colors to color inside of their spider webs.

Second Grade Shows Movement

Second grade artists looked at Keith Haring for their first full art project this year. They noticed that they could tell exactly what movement his “bubble people” were doing, even though they didn’t have details like a face, clothing, or a background to give us hints. We practiced posing and drawing each other in Keith …


First Grade reviews Primary Colors

First grade artists reviewed what the primary colors are during one art class by looking at the artwork of Mondrian! They created their own mini-mondrian masterpieces by gluing primary colored rectangles and printing lines with cardboard and black paint. Then they experimented with mixing the primary colors during another art class! They mixed colors with …